• Financial Aid

    The administration and faculty of the Berks Career & Technology Center believes that education is a family investment. Therefore, the primary responsibility for financing a student’s education rests with the student and the student’s family. Financial aid is intended to supplement, not replace, a family’s resources. The Office of Financial Aid at the Berks Career & Technology Center strives to assist qualified students needing financial assistance in obtaining aid to meet the economic responsibilities to attend school. This assistance includes counseling students to understand the financial expenses of attending school, informing students of the types of aid available and how to apply, and assisting students with the application process.

    Berks Career and Technology Center participates in various federal, state and local financial aid programs. The purpose of financial aid is to provide assistance to students of financial need who, without financial aid, would be unable to pursue an education. Listed below are the Financial Aid resources available to those who qualify: