Bully Free Program

  • Bullying is a serious issue in many schools today.  That is why the Berks Career & Technology Center is an active participant in theBully Free Classroom "Bully Free Program".  The program was developed Dr. Allan L. Beane, Ph.D., an internationally respected expert on bullying.

    Bullying can be defined as a form of overt and aggressive behavior that is intentional, hurtful (physical and/or psychological), and persistent (repeated).  Bullied students are teased, harassed, and assaulted (verbally and/or physically) by one or more individuals and often socially rejected by their peers.

    BCTC is taking active steps to create a bully free environment for our students. 

    Some of the key elements of the "Bully Free Program" include:

    • A whole school system approach.  Everyone must be involved and committed. 
    • All forms of bullying (e.g., physical, verbal, social and relational) must be prevented and stopped.
    • All rumors and reports of bullying must be investigated.
    • It is important to help everyone understand the nature of bullying.
    • Promoting a sense of belonging and acceptance in students must become a way of life – not just a program.
    • School personnel and parents need specific strategies for responding to bullying situations.
    • Student, parent and community involvement is critical.
    • Victims, potential victims, and bullies need intervention.
    • There must be a “telling environment” – all adults must be “safe places” to tell about bullying.   
    • BCTC students will have a "safe place" in which they can go to for help.

    The following documents can be obtained from BCTC's Student Services Offices:

    • How to Help Your Child Be Bully Free - For Parents (By Dr. Allan L. Beane, Ph.D.)
    • How You Can Be Bully Free - Grades 9-12 (By Dr. Allan L. Beane, Ph.D.)

    To have these documents emailed or mailed to you, contact the following:

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