• Exit Counseling

     The Federal Government requires that all Federal Stafford Loan borrowers who withdraw or graduate complete an Exit Counseling Session. This session is designed to provide borrowers with important information regarding rights and responsibilities as well as repayment information. Exit Counseling is also a graduation requirement for all programs and MUST be completed before students complete their program of enrollment.

    BEFORE BEGINNING THIS PROCESS, gather the following information because you will need to enter it on the Student Information Form.

    • your permanent address & phone number (If this is new information, you must contact your servicer to update your record.) Data entered on this form is used for tracking purposes only.
    • your driver's license number
    • the complete name, address, and phone number of your next of kin
    • the complete name, addresses, and phone numbers of 2 other references

    You should receive repayment information from your loan servicer approximately 3 months after you leave school. If you do not receive this information, it is your responsibility to contact your servicer before the end of your 6-month grace period to arrange for the repayment of your loan.  

    It is important that you plan for the repayment of your loan. You will have the opportunity to estimate your monthly payment as you proceed through the online exit counseling session. If you don't know your outstanding Stafford Loan balance but know who your loan is serviced through, you can contact them directly to receive your outstanding balance. If you do not know the name of your loan servicer and/or guarantor, you may search using the National Student Loan System at:


    At the end of the exit counseling session, you will be asked to complete a Student Information Form. You must provide all required information. When you have entered the required information and it has been accepted, you will receive a congratulations page stating that you have successfully completed your exit counseling. You can print this page for your records. At this point, you have successfully completed the session and your information is available to the Office of Financial Aid.