Application and Admission Requirements

  • Who May Apply to Attend BCTC?

    Students in grades 10, 11, and 12 who reside in any of the 16 participating school districts may apply to attend BCTC. Students must complete the BCTC application online process to be considered for admission. 

    How is Admission Granted?

    Enrollment at BCTC is limited, therefore, each applicant is evaluated based on the information provided in the application with the most qualified applicants granted admission until all openings in that program are filled. The remaining applicants are then placed on a waiting list for potential placement as openings occur in those programs.  

    Applications from students with exceptionalities or disabilities will be received, processed, and responded to in the same manner as all other applications. Final selection of all students is contingent upon the final approval of the participating sending school district.

    If You Do Not Attend Public School

    Students who live in Berks County and attend parochial or private schools or are home-schooled are also welcome to attend BCTC. These students need to contact the superintendent’s office of the school district in which they reside to obtain enrollment procedures. With authorization from their Cyber or Charter School, high school students who attend these schools may apply to BCTC. Those students should contact the Business Manager 610-374-4073 at BCTC to start that process.

    Application Deadline!

    Because there are a limited number of openings each year, students should have their application on file at a BCTC campus by December 15th to be considered for our first-round selection process for the following school year. Applications after December 15th will be considered based on space available.