• Instructors Tracey Sholl | Donna Noecker | East Campus | CIP Code 12.0401
    Instructors Nancy Quick | Stacey Andersson | West Campus | CIP Code 12.0401

    This program is designed in compliance with the rules, regulations and state-mandated curriculum of the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology. Cosmetologists practice the art and science of improving beauty through the care and treatment of skin, hair, and nails. Graduates of this program are well-prepared cosmetologists with excellent employment prospects.

    The curriculum provides hands-on training in bacteriology/sterilization, manicuring, artificial nails, draping of clients, shampoo, scalp treatment, hair-styling, haircolor, permanent wave/chemical relaxers, haircutting, facials/make-up, wigs, receptionist duties, salon management, electricity, anatomy/physiology and ethnic hair care. If students finish the required 1,250 hours of the core program, students may elect to receive training to become a cosmetology instructor and participate in a student teaching program.

    BCTC students, under the supervision of licensed instructors, hold cosmetology clinics that are open to the public. The clinics provide students with real world experience by performing basic salon services for customers such as haircutting, styling, permanent waves, various color services, manicuring, and facials. The clinics provide students with invaluable experience that helps further prepare them for the workplace.

    The Cosmetology program is regulated and licensed through the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology. To complete the approved curriculum, students must document 1,250 hours of instruction in the program. BCTC offers two instructional sessions each day, with each session scheduled for a maximum of three hours of instruction each day. This provides more than sufficient time to earn the required 1,250 hours. However, some participating school districts may follow a schedule that will not meet the 1,250 hour requirement. Therefore, some students may need to complete additional hours after graduation to complete the program and be eligible to take their state board exams for their Cosmetology license. Students who fail to meet the minimum hour requirement prior to graduation may enroll after graduation at BCTC as a tuition paying adult or at a local private school to complete the hour requirement.

    Instruction of 1,250 hours qualifies the student for the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology licensing examination. Upon successful completion of the examination, the student then becomes a licensed cosmetologist or nail technician in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is qualified for employment in a full service salon or advanced licensing in teaching.

    Career Pathways:

    Nail Technician


    Cosmetic Company Representative
    Cosmetology Instructor – Post Secondary
    Platform Artist
    Artistic Director
    Theatrical Make-up Artist
    Salon Owner/Manager

    *Requires post-secondary training.

  • Industry Certifications:

    Cosmetology Teacher
    OSHA/CareerSafe 10-Hour Certification

    Cosmetology students can earn up to 555 hours towards a barber certification.

    College Advanced Credits:

    Pennsylvania College of Technology - Up to 3 credits

    Program Requirements/Costs

    There are specific costs for textbooks, tools, supplies, uniforms, certifications; and for some programs, medical and criminal clearances that students are obligated to pay upon acceptance. These costs change annually.

    Program Entrance Recommendations:

    ο Reading at grade level
    o Algebra I or Geometry
    o Problem-solving/ troubleshooting skills
    o Ability to work independently and in a team
    o Hand-eye coordination, depth and color perception
    o Artistic ability/creativity