38 Programs Organized in 7 Career Clusters:

  • Programs and You The educational program at Berks Career and Technology Center is organized around seven career clusters encompassing 38 career programs. Typically, a student enrolls in one career program as his or her major field of study that includes a core set of competencies common to the career cluster and technical competencies related to his or her specific career program. Students may continue their program of study at the post-secondary level as they advance beyond the standard secondary curriculum.

    The curriculum and instruction are designed to meet the educational needs of the students. Learning guides serve as the primary instructional tool. Technical content is taught using a “hands-on” project-based approach combined with theory, classwork, and homework. Academic content is taught in the context of the technical curriculum using applications methodology. Through this instructional approach BCTC attempts to accommodate and ensure the success of all learners.

    Business Information & Technology

    Business Management & Entrepreneurship
    Computer Systems Networking & Security
    IT Programming

    From very small firms to large global corporations, computers play a critical role in an organization’s ongoing success and innovation. Computers and networking systems are integral to all phases of an organization. At BCTC, students can select from three programs that will position them in a field that is constantly changing and seeking individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled.


    Advertising Art & Design Technology
    Communication Media Technology
    Printing Production Technology
    Photo Imaging Technology

    Advances in technology have taken the field of communications to new and exciting levels.

    The Communications Cluster offers students opportunities to become immersed in many facets of communication technology. Students are given the opportunity to use their creative talents on “live” projects from inception to completion.


    Building Construction Occupations
    Cabinetry & Wood Technology
    Electrical Occupations
    Heavy Equipment Operations
    Painting & Decorating
    Plumbing & Heating

    Construction and construction-related careers offer students the opportunity to take pride in creating and building a new environment or modifying an existing one. The Construction Cluster at BCTC prepares students for all of the high-demand careers in various construction and building-related industries.

    Engineering & Manufacturing Technology

    Engineering Technology Career Pathways
      - Mechatronics Engineering Technology
      - Robotics & Automation Technology
    Drafting Design Technology
    Precision/Computerized Machining Technology
    Welding Technology

    The Engineering & Manufacturing Technology Cluster offers programs that examine the elements of design, production, and repair. The programs utilize the latest equipment, computers, and technology to teach students the exacting skills to solve problems and transform ideas into products. The equipment and software has been recommended by local business and industry leaders to keep the programs on the leading edge of today’s workplace.


    Dental Occupations
    Health Occupations
    Medical Health Professions
    Sports Medicine & Rehabilitative Therapy

    The healthcare industry offers both demanding and very rewarding professions. Advances in medicine and medical technology have aided a growing and aging population, who are living longer and healthier lives. The result is a surge in the demand for skilled professionals in all areas of healthcare.


    Culinary Arts
    Early Childhood Education
    Protective Services
      - Homeland Security
      - Law Enforcement
    Service Occupations

    At BCTC, the programs in the Services Cluster focus strongly on customer service and helping individuals in a variety of professions. The programs are reviewed annually by local business and industry leaders to stay on the leading edge of today’s workplace. Students are well prepared for entry level employment or for further education.


    Automotive Collision Repair Technology
    Automotive Technology
    Diesel Technology
    Heavy Equipment Technology
    Recreational & Power Equipment Technology

    Motorized vehicles play a vital role in everyday life. The Transportation programs at BCTC train specialists for employment and further education in the transportation field. Students in these programs do “live” work for customers and gain experience in all aspects of their chosen fields.