Business Management & Entrepreneurship

  • Location: West Campus (Leesport)     
    Roger Voit
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Program Entrance Recommendations:

  • Reading proficiency
    Math proficiency
    Writing proficiency
    Problem solving/troubleshooting skills
    Ability to work independently and in a team
    Creative problem solver
    Ability to lead

Career Pathways

  • Management Analyst
    New Accounts Clerk
    Purchasing Manager
    Marketing Specialist
    Human Resource Specialist

  • Creating a generation of young people with the skills, knowledge, and drive to become business leaders and entrepreneurs.

    The Business Management & Entrepreneurship program places an emphasis on college and career readiness.  The program offers students interested in business a competitive edge through project-based, collaborative learning and the development of 21st Century skills including business management, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, technology, global awareness, problem solving, and communication.  Students learn business by doing business with coaching from industry professionals.

    The program at BCTC is part of Virtual Enterprises International (VEI).  VEI is a live, in-school global business simulation and entrepreneurship program which is part of a global network of student-run businesses in over 40 countries.  VEI replicates all the functions of real businesses in both structure and practice and brings the workplace into the classroom. The program transforms high school students into independent-thinking business professionals and their classrooms into offices that become an incubator environment.  Under the guidance of a teacher-facilitator and local business mentors, students create and manage their virtual businesses; learning all aspects from market research, business planning, product development, production and distribution to marketing, sales, human resources, accounting/finance and web design.

    Guided by a task-based curriculum rather than a textbook, students produce the key deliverables that are required in a real business. The virtual companies the students create engage in international trade with other student-run companies on a continuous basis, participating in a global economy of over 500 firms across 40 countries. The simulation environment encourages risk-taking and continuous cycles of improvement and innovation based on successes and failures. Local Berks County business partners play an integral role in helping shape students’ experience by providing their expertise, skills, and knowledge inside and outside the classroom.

    The program closes the skills gap, engages students in their learning, and prepares them for college and career success by providing them with relevant, hands-on opportunities to develop, test, and apply academic, business, financial, and entrepreneurial skills.

    Industry Certifications:

    OSHA/CareerSafe 10-Hour Certification

    Program Requirements/Costs (approximate):

    Please use the Order Supplies link at the top left of this page for the approximate costs of the Textbooks, Tools & Supplies, and Uniforms for this program.

    * BCTC will pay for one pair of safety glasses (if required) and may assist with payment for the testing fees or core certification tests (first time only).  Additional safety glasses and testing fees must be paid by the student. 

College Advanced Credits: