Photo Imaging Technology

  • (Co-instructed with the Communication Media Technology Program)
    Location: West Campus (Leesport)
    Instructor:  Glenn Riegel
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    CIP Code: 10.9999

  • Program Entrance Recommendations:

    Reading at grade level
    Algebra I or Geometry
    Problem solving/troubleshooting skills
    Ability to work independently and in a team
    Hand-eye coordination
    Artistic ability/creativity

    Career Pathways

    Video Producer/Director
    Video Editor
    Video Camera Operator
    Production Assistant
    Commercial/Industrial Photographer
    Portrait / Wedding Photographer
    Photographic Process Worker
    Science/Medical Photographer
    Communications Manager
    Production Manager
    Audio Technician

Photography at BCTC
Ashlee Photo imaging
Taylor from graphic imaging
  • This program will introduce students to the art and science of digital media technology. Through two tracks of study, Video or Photography, students will develop an understanding of the various media technology used in today’s communication and media industries.  Students will have the opportunity to gain hands on experiences in developing productions and images, using industry standard software, hardware and camera equipment in both studio and field environments.

    The core curriculum, in which all students will participate, will include training in creative development, the production cycle, TV/Film/Video production, Photography, Lighting, Project Management, Budgeting, Audio Production, as well as distribution and social media.  In addition, through a clustered learning experience, students will be educated in graphic/visual design and web design.

    After completing the core curriculum, students will have the opportunity to specialize in either Photography or Video/TV/Film, for further and more intense study in the selected discipline.

    The Adobe Creative Suite will be taught throughout the program including, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects & Audition.

    This program will enhance students’ writing and communication, creative abilities, problem solving and technical/computer skills in preparation for college and employment.

    Industry Certifications:

    Adobe Certified Associate - Visual Communication, Graphic Design & Illustration, Print & Design Media Publication
    OSHA/CareerSafe 10-Hour Certification

    Program Requirements/Costs (approximate):

    Please use the Order Supplies link for the approximate costs of the Textbooks, Tools & Supplies, and Uniforms for this program.

College Advanced Credits: