• WHO: Custodial Staff & Instructors

    • Disinfect common (hallway) restroom touch points
          - Paper towel dispensers, sinks, soap dispensers
    • Disinfect interior & Exterior Door Hardware
          - Handles & door stops
    • Disinfect office furniture
          - Chairs, desks, tables, & counter tops

    WHO: Students & Instructors

    • Disinfect equipment & tools used in program lab area
    • Disinfect Classroom internal doors
    • Lockers
          - Disinfect locks & doors
    • Computers
          - Wipe down keyboards, mice, and screens

    WHO: Cafeteria Staff

    • Disinfect all serving areas, seating areas, and additional touch points


  • WHO: Custodial Staff

    • Wipe down and disinfect common & program restroom touch points
      - Paper towel dispensers, sinks, soap dispensers, ect.
    • Disinfect common area door hardware, furniture, & touch points
      - Meeting rooms, lobby, common restrooms
    • Wipe down and disinfect exterior door hardware


    • Limit touch points
          - Remove or disable water fountains
          - Door stops on classroom & theory doors (keep doors open during arrival and dismissal times
    • Adjust HVAC system to circulate 50% more outdoor air
    • Additional circulation of outdoor air (when possible)
          - Opening of windows and exterior doors
    • Addition of hand sanitizer dispensers in all classrooms and hallway entrances
    • Plexi Glass barriers in public areas
          - Front offices, Student Services offices