• On Wednesday, August 5, 2020, BCTC's Joint Operating Committee approved our Health & Safety Plan for the start of the 2020-2021 School Year. Please be advised, the plan is designed to be flexible and provides BCTC the opportunity to adjust or pivot at any time.

    BCTC Health and Safety Plan Summary (To view the full document, click HERE)

    Cleaning Sanitizing and Ventilation 

    • Complete deep-cleaning and sanitizing practices recommended by Health Department prior to  
    • Implement/continue daily deep-cleaning and sanitation procedures in buildings along with the increased/additional cleaning of high touch points and bathrooms in accordance with facility usage. 
    • Hand sanitizer to be made available at all staff and guest entrances. 
    • Disinfectant wipes will be available in classrooms where staff and students can clean surfaces throughout the school day. (Gloves will be available, if requested.) 
    • Discontinue use of water fountains. Encourage use of water bottles from home. 
    • Close off areas of the building used by a sick person. Area will remain closed for the at minimum remainder of school day until complete treatment can be applied. 
    • BCTC will follow the CDC’s Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfecting Schools. 
    • Increase ventilation rates from occupied hours, Increase HVAC Outside Air % 

    Social Distancing Procedures 

    • All BCTC staff and students must wear a face mask or face shield. Only a medical excuse, IEP or 504 plan could excuse someone. 
    • Static schedules by having the same group of students with the same staff based on program assignment.   
    • Restrict interactions between groups of students:   
      • Students arrive, bus to class. One-way traffic to cafeteria 
      • Students depart, class to bus  
    • Continue with the staggered arrival and departure schedule for our different sending schools.  
    • Follow sending school plans, to limit the number of individuals in a classroom or other space.   
    • Use visuals like tape lines, decals to help visualize distancing within the classrooms and hallways.    
    • Optional Uniforms until further notice for students, as needed. 
    • Hold classes in large spaces, or outdoors when possible.   

    Transportation Procedures 

    • Face masks or face shield must be worn unless the student or employee has appropriate documentation declaring them medically exempt, signage will be provided to post on bus door, refusal to wear face covering can lead to removal of bus riding privilege.  
    • Signage will remind drivers and passengers about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) where required, how to handle sneezing and coughing, and to avoid touching their faces. 
    • Single bus drop off. Multiple location bus drops, Students arrive, bus to class. One-way traffic to cafeteria Students depart, class to bus  
    • Hand sanitizer will be provided on each bus at entrance. 
    • School buses will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using CDC-approved disinfectants and following CDC guidelines. 
    • Drivers complete required COVID-19-related training. 
    • Drivers practice physical distancing at all times, unless there is an emergency. 

    Cafeteria Procedures 

    • Students 6 feet apart through serving line – signs for floor. 
    • Cash registers will be located in the cafeteria to allow social distancing in line. 
    • Salad bar closed – premade salads available, no a-la-cart items. 
    • Students will return to programs to eat, except students arriving between 11:00 am - 11:40 am. One-way seating.  
    • Water bottles available for students. 
    • Parents /guardians will be encouraged to deposit funds using the on-line payment portal, avoiding the handling of cash and checks in the cafeterias.   

    Communication Process 

    • Notify PA Depart. of Health, 877-PA-Health for guidance, strategy, and collaboration. 
    • Activate the School Messenger system to quickly notify staff and families.  
    • Post announcements on the BCTC website and other forms of social media.  
    • Monitor district plans and coordinate/review school closings and operational procedures with sending school districts.   
    • Prepare parents and families for remote learning if school is temporarily dismissed.  

    Monitoring Student and Staff Health 

    • Symptom screening will be done by parents/guardians at home each morning before the school day.  
    • No children with symptoms will be sent on a bus or brought to school. 
    • Temperature screening will not be required upon entrance to school for students or staff, only upon request. 
    • Students and staff will go to the nurse immediately if feeling symptomatic.   
    • Notify PA Dept. of Health for guidance, information exchange to assist with contact tracing.  
      • 877-PAHEALTH 
    • To return to work or school: 10 days with the last 24 hours being symptom free is now the universal standard (previous 14 days / 72 hours); Or, 2 negative tests at least 24 hours apart. 
    • School nurses and other healthcare providers should use Standard and Transmission-Based Precautions when caring for sick people.  

    Staff Training 

    • Custodial: Building cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and ventilating learning spaces, surfaces, and any other areas used by students. 
    • All Staff and Students: Healthy Hygiene Practice. 
    • Nurses: COVID-19 Health Care Procedures for Nurses. 

    Other Key Components 

    • Each building will have an extra nurse, security guard and custodian on staff during the school day to begin the school year.  
    • All substitutes will complete a training prior to any sub work at BCTC to ensure that all substitutes are aware of building protocols and procedures. 
    • No visitors permitted in BCTC. 
    • Tours will be virtual. 
    • Reduce/eliminate non-essential travel, virtual meetings. 
    • Sneeze Guards installed in all office areas and cafeteria cashiers.