Schoology - Student Access and Tutorials

  • BCTC Schoology Mobile Log-In Tutorial:

    If you already have a Schoology account, you can use the steps outlined below to log in via the Schoology iOS app or Schoology Android app.

    To create a new Schoology account, you'll need to open a mobile browser on your device and go to

    Log in to the Schoology Mobile App  

    To log in with your existing account, open the Schoology app on your mobile device. You'll see two different options to log in:



    When you first use the APP you will have 2 Options, you will use Option 2 because you already have log in credentials:

    Option 1 — Tap Find your school or domain to log in through your school or district.  If you choose this option, skip to Step 3.

    Option 2 — Tap CONTINUE to log in through Enter your email address and password and tap  Log In to complete.

    Mobile Login

    1. Enter your BCTC Email Address: 
      First Three Letters of your first name, First Three letters of your last name, and the last three digits of your BCTC Student ID number.

      Michael Smith 1777234567

    2. Your Password for the start of the year will be your Student ID Number (this should be changed once you log in for the first time).
    3. Tap Log in to complete.