eSchoolData for Parents

  • This guide provides parents/guardians with a step by step guide outlining the navigation and use of the parent portal. The eSchoolData Parent Portal is a cutting-edge communications tool designed to increase your involvement in your student's education using the power of information. The eSchoolData Parent Portal allows for instant online access to current, relevant information that will enhance your involvement with your student’s academic career.

    The eSchoolData Mobile® platform can be accessed in two ways:

    Mobile Website Access (a mobile-friendly website, no download required):
    To sign into eSchoolData Parent Portal (web site) please follow the following link:

    Mobile APP (download from the Apple App Store or Google Play):
    The eSchoolData Mobile® platform is streamlined and intuitive, making it easy for staff to access critical parts of the eSD® Interface while on-the-go. The eSchoolData Mobile® platform allows for instant mobile access, on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, to students’ Profiles, teachers’ Class Schedules, Attendance Roster, Gradebook, and more. (Some capabilities are restricted solely to the Teacher Interface, such as creating Categories and Assignments within the Gradebook.


    Important Information regarding Primary Email Address and Username

    Depending on how the guardian is logging in to their Parent Portal account (Mobile Web or Mobile App), the eSD system uses either the Portal Account's Username or Primary Email Address for login authentication.

    • When logging in via Mobile Web, the system uses the portal account's Username as the login username.
    • When logging in via the eSD Mobile App, the system uses the portal account's Primary Email Address as the login username.

    Please see below for additional requirements regarding Usernames and Primary Email Addresses:

    1. If a guardian has multiple portal accounts (i.e., students in different districts), the guardian's Username for EACH parent portal account MUST be different, but the Primary Email Address for each account can be the same email address.

    2. Only ONE of that guardian's portal accounts can use the Primary Email Address as the Username.

    3. An email address can be set as the Primary Email Address for only ONE guardian, but other guardians in the household with portal accounts can include that email address as a secondary email address.

    4. Web browsers use the portal account's Username for login authentication. Guardians with multiple portal accounts must log in using the Username and password established for EACH account.

    5. The Mobile App uses the Primary Email Address for login authentication, allowing guardians with multiple portal accounts to have access to each of their accounts via the App, by selecting the applicable Role and/or District upon login.