eSchoolData Mobile APP - Logging In

  • There are slight differences in the login process and login credentials used for Mobile® App and Mobile® Web. Once logged in, however, both display the same data.

    Mobile App: Login Credentials

    The eSchoolData Mobile® App authenticates users via the Email Address associated with the user’s account, instead of their User ID.

    Enter your Email Address and tap Next. Enter your Password and tap Sign in.

    If your Email Address is also associated to a parent account in an eSD® district, a Role field appears between the Email Address and Password, allowing you to select the applicable district/role.

    Mobile APP Log In Screen Pictures

    System Messages

    Upon first login, in order to proceed further, users must agree to the District’s Terms of Use. Read the Terms of Use, then tap I Agree at the bottom of the page.

    Mobile APP Terms of Use

    Navigating eSD® Mobile Parent

    At the top of every page is the Title Bar, and at the bottom of every page is the Navigation Bar, with the Home , Messages (when enabled by the district), Profile and Account tabs. Tap an item on the page to select and open the item.

    Once an item has been selected, a Back button appears to return users to the previous screen. Tap Back to return to the previous screen, or tap another tab to move to that page (the selected tab has a darker background).

    Mobile App Navigation


    Full Documentation for Mobile App use can be found in the following electronic help manual:

    eSD Mobile Parent User Guide