Mobile Web Access: Login Link and Credentials

  • Mobile Website Access (a mobile-friendly website, no download required):
    To sign into eSchoolData Parent Portal (web site) please follow the following link:

    Your User ID will be your suppied BCTC eSD® Mobile Username. 
    If your email is on file in the new system you will get an auto generated email sent to you with your login information, along with your temporary password. If you don’t see an email please check in your junk folder. 

    Enter your Username and Password, then tap Login.

    Mobile Website Log In Screen


    Upon first login, the District’s Terms of Use should be read. Click I Agree at the bottom of the Agreement to proceed further.

    Terms Agreement

    After agreeing to the Terms of Use, if the Parent Portal account has been auto-generated by the district, users will be required to establish a new Password, and enter a Primary Email Address (if missing). Users will also have the option to Use this E-Mail address as my User Name. Click Save when finished.

    Note: The Primary Email Address is the email address to which “Forgot Password?” emails will be sent. An error message will be generated if the Primary Email Address is not specified, or is already being used for another account as a User Name or a Primary Email Address.

    Password Change Prompt

    Getting Help Users can get help both before and after logging in to the eSD® Parent Portal. From the Login screen, click the link where it says “F.A.Q.” to access the eSchoolData Parent Portal F.A.Q.


    Once logged in to your Portal account, click the Help icon in the upper right corner of the Parent Portal screens to access the eSchoolData Parent Portal F.A.Q.
    The F.A.Q. provides portal account holders with answers to commonly asked questions.

    Note: When the eSchoolData Parent Portal F.A.Q. is accessed AFTER logging in to the Parent Portal, click the Home icon to return to the Home Page. The icons at the top will NOT be available when the F.A.Q. is accessed from the Login screen


    Full Documentation for Mobile Website use can be found in the following electronic help manual:

    eSD Portal Parent View User Guide