Service Occupations

  • Location: East Campus (Oley)
    Instructors: Kathi Shaffer & April Lenhart
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    CIP Code: 19.9999

  • Program Entrance Recommendations:

    Ability to read and follow directions
    Basic math skills
    Ability to work independently and in a team
    Hand-eye coordination
    Mechanical aptitude
    Must be potentially eligible for OVR Services 

    Career Pathways

    • Food Preparation Helper
    • Dishwasher/Kitchen Helper
    • Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Worker
    • Building Services (landscaping & groundskeeping, janitors & cleaners, and maids & housekeeping)
    • Retail/Sales (order fillers, warehouse and retail workers)
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  • Service Occupations is an innovative program of study focusing on the training of students in a diverse array of skill sets in service related employment areas. Students learn in an environment that fosters a good work ethic, competitive time on task and appropriate work skills for each identified career area. Individual needs and abilities of students are addressed in order to foster personal accountability and pride in a job done well done. The Service Occupations facility includes two laboratories where instruction is provided by two instructors and reinforced by instructional assistants. The two instructors each teach defined skills in order for each student to become skilled in a variety of areas. Group instruction is frequently utilized and team building activities are often incorporated.

    The Service Occupations curriculum encompasses the areas of work place safety, grounds maintenance, cleaning practices, housekeeping, custodial, and retail stock, as well as, kitchen safety, cooking & baking, food preparation, dining room services, commercial dishwashing, pot washing, and commercial laundry services. All areas are instructed with the intent of achieving a level of competency commensurate with competitive employment. This is achieved by involving “live work experiences” whenever possible to provide the students with training that approximates what would be found in the work environment. Toward that end, students are involved in clinical experiences involving janitorial cleaning, maintenance, grounds keeping, laundry, dishwashing and laundry in and around the school. Students take pride in their work, knowing that the school depends on them doing a “professional job” in order to function efficiently. Toward that end goal, students are supported through a variety of services provided by BCTC and the Reading Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Work Partners.  These services may include a variety of work-based experiences including job shadowing, internships, and paid co-op jobs, job placement and on-the-job coaching, mobility training, benefits and work incentive counseling, job seeking and keeping skills, and more. BCTC and OVR work collaboratively to ensure the successful transition of students from school-to-work.  BCTC’s Service Occupations program has the ultimate goal of a seamless transition to gainful employment or further education.

    Because of the uniqueness of this program, interested students and their parent/guardian are expected to schedule a visit to the program prior to making application to BCTC by contacting the Student Services Office or by contacting the student’s sending school Special Education representative. This will prevent the processing of the application from being delayed, since there is limited enrollment in this popular program.

    Industry Certifications:

    Heartsaver First Aid
    OSHA / CareerSafe 10-Hour Certification

    Program Requirements/Costs (approximate):

    Please use the Order Supplies link for the approximate costs of the Textbooks, Tools & Supplies, and Uniforms for this program.


College Advanced Credits