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  • You are invited to a unique learning experience, focused on fun, creativity, and hands-on activities. 

    STEAM stands for: 
    Science - Technology - Engineering - Art - Math 

    June 18 - 22
    Registration Deadline: May 20
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    Camp times are from 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM June 18th-22nd 2018, at the West Campus in Leesport.
    There is no cost to current 7th & 8th graders attending BCTC sending districts.
    Lunch is provided at no additional cost.

    This program made possible through the 
    Berks County Workforce Development Board
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STEAM Pathways Camp (A different program each day)

  • group photo of 2017 stem camp participants Visit five different STEAM career pathways programs and do fun daily projects. 

    Light Up Your Life 

    Create an interactive project using an Arduino UNO microcontroller board. Don’t get lost in the technical terms, this will be a fun project where you learn an easy programming language that will allow you to turn an LED on and off. 

    Pizza Palooza

    Create your own culinary masterpiece from start to finish. Learn basic culinary vocabulary terms, use basic units of measurement and ratios, and learn multiple methods for designing your own pizza.  

    Challenge the Laws of Gravity 

    Build a gravity powered race car and race it against your classmate’s cars. Learn about gravity, friction, CNC machining technology, and much more. 

    Manipulate Metal to Your Imagination 

    Teams of campers will work together to design and build bridges, which will be tested to see who created the strongest bridge. Campers will assist in the creation of their own plasma cam takeaway. 

    Wear Your Creativity on Your Sleeve 

    Spend time in a real print shop, preparing and producing artwork to apply onto t-shirts. Take your t-shirts with you. If time allows, you will also learn about creating coloring books. 

Intensive Camps (The same program everyday for a week)

The Art of Design Camp

Girl using colored pencils on white paper in the advertising art and design classroom
  • Let's make something amazing.

    Immerse yourself in the life of a graphic designer as you spend five days learning design fundamentals. 

    Students will:

    • Improve their drawing skills through a series of exercises
    • Learn color theory by creating video game mosaics
    • Practice using the elements of design by producing an animal themed accordion booklet
    • Become familiar with Adobe Creative software as they create a digital self-portrait. 

    Participating campers will receive an art kit and a t-shirt to take home at the end of the week. This camp is an excellent opportunity for aspiring artists who want to learn more about the art of design.

Music Video Camp

Three boys playing musical instruments in a studio setting
  • Battle of the Bands 

    Are you ready to rock! Create a music video using your creativity and some cool technology and equipment. 

    Students will: 

    • Break up into small teams
    • Choose a song they want to base the music video on.
    • Create a storyboard for the song.
    • Execute the video using state-of-the-art video equipment in BCTC’s Communications Media Technology lab and studio. 
    • Edit the video and add effects to bring it to completion. 

    Participating campers will leave with their video file, loads of new skills, and a taste of what they will learn if they choose to attend BCTC for Communications Media Technology in high school. 

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