• Effective June 4, 2021 -
    With the ending of the 2021-2021 school year, and students no longer being on campus, we will be suspending the updating of our COVID-19 dashboard.

    The health and safety of BCTC's students and staff remain our top priority, and we are committed to transparency and open communication. The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Departmnet of Education require schools to shift to online learning for all students when a specified number of COVID-19 cases are reached based on a Rolling 14-Day count. When a school shifts to online learning for all students, the day following the closure restarts the Rolling 14-Day count with case level count at zero for the respective building.  

Rolling 14-Day Count – as of

  • Information in the chart above will be updated daily.
    *Number of verified cases.


  • The number of cases that will initiate a move to online instruction is based upon the campus enrollment. At Berks Career & Technology Center, the respective buildings will temporarily move to online instruction for all students in accordance to the chart below:

  • The complete list of requirements from the Pennsylvania Department of Health can be found at this website.

    BCTC has consulted with the Department of Health on an as needed basis to determine the number of days a campus should be closed to in-person instruction once the minimum number is reached, as well as a longer closure recommendation if a higher threshold of cases is reached.

    We will continue to monitor all COVID-19 related situations and consult with the Department of Health as needed. Please know that we are doing everything possible to mitigate the risk of COVID in our schools. We continue to follow our Health and Safety Plan, clean and disinfect all schools and buses, and adhere to the guidelines set for the event of a suspected or confirmed case.

    As a reminder, if your child takes a COVID test for any reason, we require the child to stay out of school until the test results are returned or a doctor provides a note to clear the child to return to school. It is important to note that receiving a negative COVID test result while placed in quarantine does not allow a close contact to return to school or activities any sooner.