A Message from Dr. James Kraft

  • Dear Parent/Guardian of BCTC Students:  

    Two weeks ago I provided an update on our reopening of school.   A critical date that I shared in that memo was August 5th Today, I am announcing that last evening the BCTC Joint Operating Committee met and the BCTC administration presented the latest plans for our reopening.  This plan included the Continuity of Education, Emergency Instructional Time Template and the Health and Safety Plan.  All three of these documents have been a work in progress throughout the summer. We are also aware that our 16 sending school districts have been working on reopening plans and we continue to work closely as a county to determine the best course of action for all our students 

    The BCTC Continuity of Education and Health and Safety Plans are available here for your review. There are two versions available; the full-plan and a summary of each plan.  

    The instructional models that were presented and approved at last evening’s Joint Operation Committee are as follows:   

    • A Full Reopening of BCTC with Health and Safety Plan Guidelines 
    • An A/B Hybrid Model with Health and Safety Plan Guidelines 
    • A Fully Virtual Model with Health and Safety Plan Guidelines 

    As of this date we are planning on a full return to BCTC for the start of our school year.  Our Back-up Plan is the A/B Hybrid Model, designed to reduce the number of students at BCTC while preserving at least two in-person days per week for instruction along with three virtual learning days. Students would be assigned to either an A group or B group. The A group would attend BCTC on Mondays and Tuesdays and the B group on Thursday and Fridays. Teachers would provide instruction virtually to all students on Wednesdays as well as on-line instruction to the students on days when they are not at BCTC. The Virtual model, which does not have an in-person instruction component, would provide virtual instruction every day with office hours on Monday through Thursday.   The instructional plan with the most complex decision points is the Hybrid model. We will continue to work with our 16 sending districts to work through the decisions so we are prepared if we should have the need to move to this plan. Please note that the fully virtual model does not provide an opportunity for students to receive in-person instruction and therefore will only be implemented if we are needing to move to this option.  

    We are also aware that several of our sending districts have recently announced they will be starting the year with a Hybrid or Virtual Model. This also requires coordinated efforts with regard to transportation for students from home to the sending school and back. BCTC is prepared to provide transportation from and to the sending high schools as we do on a day when BCTC is open and the sending districts are closed throughout the year; however we are currently working with our sending district administration to determine how students would get from their homes to the high schools and back again, especially if the district is not providing transportation.  We are allowing students to drive to BCTC with parent permission and parents may transport their students to and from BCTC. More detailed information will be forthcoming regarding this topic.  

    Lastly, I would like for you to know we are now starting our First Student Day on Wednesday August 26th.  We determined the need for two additional In-Service days with BCTC teachers to provide training on our instructional models as well as the Health and Safety precautions that will be in place this school year. A copy of the revised BCTC 2020-2021 School Calendar can be found here 

    I ask for your patience as we work though the plans for the safe reopening of our campuses.  Please utilize this JotForm to submit any questions you have to our administrative team. When answers are avaialble, we will be sure to respond. We will also continue to post information that will be helpful as we approach the start of school. We will continue to utilize our automated School Messenger to direct parents and guardians to the BCTC website as the need arises.  

    We look forward to seeing our students in a few weeks. In the meantime, stay healthy and safe. 



    James A. Kraft EdD
    Executive Director