RACC Partnership

  • Earning an Associate’s degree in a technical discipline is fast becoming the preferred credential of employers and students alike.  The days when a high school diploma and some technical training was all that was needed to jump start a career are fading. Today’s local employers expect their entry level employees to have advanced technical skills combined with a strong academic background.  Most all the career, technical and pre-professional programs at BCTC are planned and articulated with Associate degree programs in technical disciplines at Reading Area Community College.   This arrangement is referred to as a 2 + 2 educational model. In other words programs completed at BCTC count as credit toward an Associate’s degree and this is made possible through articulation agreements and dual enrollment courses. 

    BCTC and RACC have worked closely together in offering a seamless sequence of technical and academic courses leading to certificates, industry recognized licenses and certifications and associate’s degrees in a variety of disciplines.

    The education pathway to obtain a vibrant career can begin at BCTC and RACC.