Interested in applying? Please complete all 4 steps

  • STEP 1

    Complete your section of the application! Select your School District and/or the District you reside in from the list below to start your application. Once you submit, it will be sent to your District School Counselor. 

    *Students who live in Berks County and attend parochial schools, private schools or are home-schooled are also welcome to attend BCTC. Click HERE to learn how.

    **Please note: If the application is not loading, please refresh your page.

  • STEP 2

    Download and print two (2) Teacher Recommendation forms and send them to your teachers. Once finished, your teachers should send the completed recommendation form to your District School Counselor.
    Important Note to Student: Students applying to Medical Health Professions must provide a letter of reference from a science teacher and School Counselor instead of the two (2) teacher recommendations.

  • STEP 3

    Using the pdf below, complete the application essay. Be sure to type your responses and send it to your District School Counselor.  Your application will not be considered complete until the essay is turned in.
    Exception: Ninth Grade Early Admissions or Service Occupations applicants do not need to complete an essay, as an interview will be scheduled.

  • STEP 4

    Download and print the BCTC Admissions Agreement. Complete the form with your parent/guardian. Submit the BCTC Admissions Agreement, with your essay, to your District School Counselor.

After You Have Completed Steps 1 to 4, Your District School Counselor Will Take Things From There!