9th Grade Early Admissions

  • Facilitators:
    Kyle Follweiler | East & West Campus   
    Stacey Campbell | East Campus
    Elizabeth Heffner | West Campus

    All of BCTC’s approved career and technical education programs are designed to be completed in three years. However, students with an IEP and having the school district’s recommendation may be considered for enrollment in the 9th Grade Early Admissions.

    The 9th Grade Early Admissions program provides a customized career development experience for 9th grade students with an IEP who can benefit from getting a head start in developing core career and technical skills and establishing a career pathway.  Students will be provided the opportunity to experience several related program areas to develop a broad understanding of the career cluster and technical skills related to those careers during their first semester at BCTC.

    Beginning the second semester when students have chosen a particular career program for the remaining of their 9th grade year, students will be required to earn their OSHA 10 hour Safety Card. This is a prerequisite to return the following year.

    BCTC school counselors will assist students in selecting other appropriate programs in which to participate during the first and second quarter of the year. All program experiences shall be based on interest, aptitude and ability; however, if students opt not to remain in their initial program they must reapply for the new program for their 10th grade year. Each 9th grade student’s career and technical education experience shall be customized to his/her individual needs within the established parameters of the Early Admissions program.

    Program Entrance Requirements:

    • Program based on space availability
    • 9th grade students with an IEP
    • Student placement based on IEP or district recommendation

    Program Entrance Recommendations:

    • Ability to read, write and apply math at or near grade level
    • Self-disciplined and able to follow directions and established rules
    • Ability to work independently and stay “on task”
    • Ability to get along with others and work as a team member
    • Ability to adapt to new learning experiences 

    Required Costs:  There are specific costs for textbooks, tools, supplies, uniforms, certifications; and for some programs medical and criminal clearances that students are obligated to pay. These costs change annually and are detailed on the individual program pages. 

    BCTC Career Clusters and Pathways (Based on Space Availability)

    Counselors will be made aware of space availability in mid-January to early February.

    Please refer to the specific program description for individual program requirements and costs.

    Business & Information Technology

    Business Management & Entrepreneurship (W)
    IT Networking (E)
    IT Programming (W)


    Advertising Art & Design Technology (W)
    Communication Media Technology (W)
    Graphic Imaging Technology (W)
    Photo Imaging Technology (W)


    Building Construction Occupations (E)
    Cabinetry & Wood Technology (E)
    Carpentry (E)
    Electrical Occupations (B)
    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration (E)
    Masonry (E)
    Painting & Decorating (W)
    Plumbing & Heating (E)

    Engineering & Manufacturing Technology

    Drafting Design Technology (W)
    Electronic Engineering Technology (W)
    Precision Machining Technology (W)
    Robotics & Automation Technology (W)
    Welding Technology (W)


    Dental Occupations (E)
    Health Occupations (W)
    Health-Related Technology (E)


    Cosmetology (B)
    Culinary Arts (B)
    Early Childhood Education (B)
    Horticulture (E)
    Protective Services (E)


    Automotive Collision Repair Technology (B)
    Automotive Technology (B)
    Diesel Technology (E)
    Heavy Equipment Technology (E)
    Recreational & Power Equipment Technology (W)



    (B) Indicates the program is offered at both campuses.

    (E) Indicates the program is offered only at the East Campus in Oley.

    (W) Indicates the program is offered only at the West Campus in Leesport.

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