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Mr. Allen Norton Visits Berks County

Thanks to the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance for hosting Mr. Allen Norton, head of the Workforce Development at the State Chamber of Commerce, for a roundtable discussion. During his visit, we shared the status of workforce development in Berks County, what we are most proud of and challenges we are facing. In attendance was our very own Dr. James Kraft, BCTC Executive Director, and Dr Jill Hackman, Executive Director of the BCIU and Superintendent of Record for BCTC as well as several key collaborators in workforce development in our county.

Take-aways form this event? We are so proud of the growth and development of our workforce! BCTC was credited as one of the key drivers of our economic successes, as well as the Career Ready Berks model.

Challenge?  Slowly changing the perceptions that career and technical education is for all students. We are however on the map in PA and viewed as a major change agent.

Mr. Allen left with a wealth of great ideas and was very complementary of Berks County working collaboratively as a team on workforce development.