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Berks Career and Technology Center Awards Charlene Fisher Life Long Friend of Career and Technical Education

Charlene Fisher has been a transition coordinator at Fleetwood Senior High School for more than 20 years.  During that time, she has been essential to the success of her students who also attend Berks Career & Technology Center.  Her advocacy for students attending a career center is driven by her belief that academic education and BCTC training combine perfectly to create a student well prepared for future employment opportunities.  She believes that the enthusiasm and passion students gain at a career center empowers them to be successful across all areas of their academic environment.

Over the years she has built many productive relationships and friendships with the instructors here at BCTC.  Charlene is proud to say that many of those instructors share the same ideals as her; she's partnered countless times with our instructors to help students overcome personal hardships in the interest of those students having the best possible education.  Those collaborations have enabled them to leave no stone unturned when seeking assistance for students that deserve a chance to learn.  She believes that this team effort involving students, parents, districts and BCTC instructors is essential to a student's overall growth.  Charlene feels fortunate that her career has intertwined her into two wonderful families, The Fleetwood family and the BCTC family.

As transition coordinator, Charlene is committed to her students.  You can find her at one of the BCTC campuses every few weeks and communicating daily about issues that require attention.  Students are not just names on a ledger to Charlene.  She's engaged in what they are learning, going to great lengths to foster a relationship full of understanding and appreciation.  Very few senior projects are unattended by Charlene and she is always their biggest advocate.  Her dedication and passion are fundamental components of their success. 

Charlene has had an abundance of rewarding experiences throughout her career.  One of her more memorable moments was nominating a BCTC student enrolled in Information Technology Applications win the PACTE-SP award in 2004.  She is also particularly nostalgic about the growth she has witnessed in her BCTC students.  She takes great pride in watching students overcome the struggles that occur when learning a new trade.  Some of her most satisfying moments come from seeing a student confidently performing their new skill and knowing that her encouragement and support has helped make that possible.  She'll do whatever she can to help a student overcome a challenge, even going as far as allowing a cosmetology student to cut and dye her own hair.  Charlene saw this young girl struggling to find a subject to demonstrate her abilities on, agonizing as her own family refused.  Knowing that confidence was something this student struggled with, Charlene let her give her a new haircut with a beautiful brown and red highlight dye job.  The pride that student felt in her work that day is exactly why people like Charlene are so important to BCTC.

Mrs. Fisher will be missed in the halls of BCTC.  We are thankful for all of her years of encouragement that helped build an environment that fosters success for the Fleetwood students here at BCTC.  She has instilled her sense of commitment and dedication into countless students as well as the BCTC staff.  We wish her the best as she enjoys her well-deserved retirement.