Abby Vogel

Posted by Abby Showalter on 2/20/2018

Student Spotlight
Abby Vogel, Painting and Decorating Senior abby vogel mosaic table bctc

Abby Vogel is a senior at Tulpehocken High School and attends the Painting and Decorating program at BCTC West Campus. As part of her senior project, Abby turned trash into treasure. The staff at Tulpehocken had a table that they used outside for lunches, but it was scratched and worn. Abby created a beautiful mosaic on the table for staff to enjoy. 

The table was also entered into a Goggle Works art show, where Abby won the Stanley Gseltz Award for outstanding achievement in design and craftsmanship. The award was gifted by the Reading-Berks chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman

Abby first developed an interest in mosaics after doing a smaller project for her Painting and Decorating curriculum. When she realized she had a talent for this type of form and function artwork, her teacher, Mrs. Kline, encouraged her to look for more opportunities to work with mosaics. 

Abby designed the table to illustrate multiple bursts of color. She is excited for the staff at Tulpehocken High School to use her artwork on a regular basis, and hopefully provide extra cheer for their days. 

The table was made on shoe-string budget, using the original table provided by Tulpehochen High School, glass pieces that were donated to the Painting and Decorating classroom, and grout that was purchased by Mrs. Kline herself.

mosaic table BCTC art