Dakota King

Dakota King in action  Dakota King is a Twin Valley senior who studies Advertising Art and Design at West Campus. Dakota plans to pursue a career as a freelance graphic designer. 

When asked how BCTC prepared him for the future, Dakota said, "The aspect if BCTC that most catches my attention is the fact that high school students have the opportunity to experience a field they may be interested in before investing time and money in a college program they know very little about. BCTC allows for students to know all the ups and downs of their chosen field and prepares students for their industry in the real world. Personally, my experience at BCTC has allowed me to know for certain that graphic design is a field I am very interested in and will pursue with passion." 

During his time at BCTC, Dakota has earned certifications in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, OSHA, and received advanced on the Nocti. 

As a talented and advanced student, Dakota was afforded many opportunities to work on "live work" projects for real clients in the community. He designed beautiful materials for New Journey Community Outreach, Honey Brook Chiropractic, Berks Gymnastics, and Stoltzfus BBQ & Fresh Poultry. During these projects Dakota learned about communicating with clients, working with deadlines, and creating functional art that meets the needs of his clients. 

Dakota has received Student of the Quarter and Perfect Attendance Awards from BCTC. He participated in the Pennsylvania High School Computer Fair logo contest in 2016 and earned second place. He is also a member of the National Art Honor Society. 

Dakota is playing it smart with a plan to work in construction after high school to subsidize his freelance business. Eventually he hopes to freelance full-time. 

Dakota had this advice for future BCTC students, "Use your talents in a way that you help not only yourself, but others, and pursue what you love with everything you have!" 

Dakota has been a true pleasure to have grace the halls of BCTC. We wish his all the luck in the world, though we know he won’t need it.