Winning the Fight For Suicide Awareness

Posted by Aleasha Ettinger on 5/23/2018

Three students from the Communication Media Program at the BCTC West campus are now the proud winners of 2018 Prevent Suicide PA PSA Contest for Youth Suicide Prevention. Hanna Stambaugh, Lexi Weidner, Emma Shainline, and Alexis Rivera, are all level 1 students who have worked diligently on this audio project.

The purpose of the project was to create a 30 second audio PSA that demonstrated a message of suicide prevention. This could have been structured in several different ways, but the girls chose to create a script that anyone could relate to.

"We basically just wanted to show that there are many good things in life" said Hanna.

A 30 second PSA is very little time to tell a story, which is why the group decided to showcase bits and pieces of an average person's lifespan such as birthdays, getting married, and having children.

After the PSA was finalized, it was submitted online into the contest. Each day, people from across the state of Pennsylvania got to vote for which audio PSA they enjoyed the most. The CMT students were thrilled when their project received the most votes.

"Even if we didn't win, getting the message out there was the most important part. Now we have something to put in our portfolios" stated Alexis.

As a part of winning the contest, the girls had the opportunity to go to a Philadelphia Phillies game to be recognized. Hannah was especially able to celebrate her accomplishments by throwing out the first pitch.

"It was really fun and I even got to keep the ball I threw" Hanna said.

Each member of the group has had a tremendous amount of fun working on the 2018 Prevent Suicide PA PSA Contest for Youth Suicide Prevention project and now have valuable skills to cherish forever.

Emma Shainline- 10th grade, Boyertown

Lexi Weidner- 10th grade, Boyertown

Alexis Rivera-Carabajal- 10th grade, Oley

Hanna Stambaugh- 9th grade, Wilson

Students from the Communication Media Program visit the Phillies.


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